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from earth to sky cd

Price: AUS$27.95

originally released in 2005, i chose to revisit my debut album utilising the incredible vibrational assets of the Stuart & Sons grand piano. the result is this new 2007/8 version. this work inscribes my spiritual, emotional & physical journey from birth to the point of completion i arrived at with album #1. "Yen connects our hearts with our imagination with haunting melodies & cascading chordal runs like waterfalls. evoking rich, internal images & visions inspiring the imagination, this mesmerising debut CD showcases Yen's stunning brilliance as well as many moments of profound & serene repose."

click on the titles of the tracks below to listen to mp3 samples (128 bit) from Yen's re-recorded debut album 'from earth to sky', re-release, November 2007.

(ID3 tags are embedded with track information to load to your mp3 player as well or straight in to iTunes.)


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